Altitude Training Equipment and Supplies

Oxygen Analizer                                                                       $200.00
Oxygen Analizer,  Messures the persentage of oxygen coming out of the Altitude Generator.
Pulse Oximeter                                                                          $45.00
Measures the amount of oxygen in your blood with a small, clip-on fingertip analyzer. Readout indicates pulse rate (beats per minute) and oxygen saturation (%). Use the pulse oximeter with interval hypoxic training (IHT) to keep the saturation in the 85-90% target range.
Altitude Training mask                                                      $100.00

Exercise at Altitude or perform IHT with this high quality Altitude Training Mask.

The Altitude Training Mask enables users to Exercise at 12,500ft or perform IHT at 21,000ft.   The High Altitude Training Mask is of medical-grade quality and comes with a neoprene strap. *Neoprene Mask, Universal Mask, and connections are included in kit.

Training Curcuit  with Mask                                                  $200.00
Exersize at 15,000 feet even if you live at see level with this Training Circuit and mask.
Easly attaches to any of our hypoxic generators.
Acclimation tent                                                                     $1000.00